project wildsong

Ava is the celebrity ambassador for Project Wildsong who strives to inspire through hands-on interactive learning and collaborations to further conservation efforts. By fostering these experiences and incredible opportunities, it is their hope to invigorate and sow a newfound appreciation for native wildlands and wildlife..



With the help of their Ambassador Animals who represent their wild counterparts, they hope to intertwine their passion and mission within the hearts and minds of every individual through scientific facts, curiosity, and awe.  

ava and damu and cael.jpg

Ava is pictured here with members of her pack, Damu (in front) and Cael.  Both wolves are the animal ambassadors for Project Wildsong.  They all have formed an unbreakable bond and have stolen Ava's heart.



Project Wildsong's mission is to dispel the myths and misconceptions concerning wolves and native, North American wildlife. By raising awareness, we hope to inspire the everyday individual to coexist with wildlife through our core values: Education. Collaboration. Conservation.

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