Ava started dancing at age 2 and half. She has been dancing ever since. Ava is a ballet dancer on pointe, an award winning contemporary, musical theater, jazz, and tap dancer. Ava can hip hop, pick up choreography fast, improvise, choreograph her own dances and work as a paid professional dancer. Ava was a competitive dancer from the age of 5 until the age of 13. When her career as an actress took of Ava stopped competitive dance but has been in technique classes and never stopped working on her craft as a dancer. Ava holds numerous titles and overall wins in dance but her true passion in dance is being able to perform and story tell in a different medium. 


Ava bringing depth, technique, performance and amazing dance skills to win the overall #1 teen dancer at Leap competition

Avas Sassy Video has over 350,000 views! 

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