Insightful, hardworking and a truly caring
young actress is how Ava Cantrell is described. She dives into all roles with passion and clarity as well as a willingness to let it all out on the table. Ava has that rare gift of crossing between comedic, thriller and dramatic characters and has been successfully booking all styles since a young girl. She was awarded the 2017 LA Femme International Rising Star.

She began her acting career in 2008. She has appeared in many TV commercials, music videos, short films, Television, and feature films. Ava gained notoriety as Penelope Pritchard on the Nickelodeon series Haunted Hathaways. In 2013 she won a Young Artist award for her performance in this recurring role. She played Penelope Pritchard with gusto. Nickelodeon paired her in later episodes with a Butler allowing her to embody a character so spoiled and bratty that it solidified her as the shows greatest nemesis. She still remains one of Nickelodeons most loved Villains on the site. 

Ava was always lighting up the stage from the time she was in Kindergarten. She loved dancing, performing and hamming it up in front of the camera.

She played the lead role of Brooklyn in
the 2015 web-series Cam Girls. This
Series which has won numerous
awards. She was hand picked to play this role by Director/Producer David Slack. After that, Ava was cast in a short film that won the best film contest from Horror Legend Guillermo Del Toro. That year she also booked an NBC Pilot. 

Ava was cast as Teen Diana
in the Warner Brothers, New Line
Cinema feature film Lights Out in
2015. Lights Out cost 5 million to make and has to date made over 165 million. This role has forever secured Ava as a legendary horror antagonist.

 Within in a week of that booking Lights Out, she was cast was as lead in the the feature film One
Under the Sun that releases March
2017. One Under the Sun shows a
very dramatic side of Ava, as she plays
the daughter of an astronaut in a
loosing battle with cancer. This role will surely bring her awards and accolades, and is recommended by the one and only Stan Lee as a must see movie of 2017.

Ava is also an award winning dancer
competing between 2007-2014 in the
styles of Ballet, Tap, Contemporary,
and musical theater. These
performances can be seen on her
YouTube channel Miss Ava Cantrell and won her many overall and title awards before she stopped competing when her acting career took off.

Ava is an excellent student, maintaining
National honor role and a 4.4 GPA.
She has a love of animals and lends
her time to numerous charities. She
still finds moments for surfing,
photography and Archery.



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